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200 make shooting workout

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

These days so many players spend countless hours shooting around without a purpose, this approach is generally a waste of time!

Every time you step on the court you need to have a reason, either a new skill you want to learn, a workout to complete, or getting in game reps, it doesn't matter which it is, as long as there is a reason to it.

This is a great workout that is going to have you making 200 shots from game spots that you can vary up to focus on what you need to work on the most.

In the simplest of terms, you’re going to make;

50 x 1 hand form shooting

50 x 2 hand form shooting

50 x Free Throws

20 x 1 dribble pull ups

30 x 3’s

The challenge is to make all 200 shots in the quickest time possible.

This shot chart is how I normally break down the shots when doing this with players.

It is up to you how you want to navigate all the shots; my big tip is to do one section at a time and use the Free Throws as your rest.

Depending on what you are currently focused on improving you can make all the shots and catch and shoot, or off the dribble, add in some extra work by making the mid range shots off a pump fake one dribble pull up or whatever mid range moves you are working on.

With a high rep count and the time challenge element this also counts as some cardio work as getting your own rebound for all these shots is definitely going to get the heart pumping

As a target to start you off with aim to complete this in under 40 minutes if you are shooting on your own. Under 30 minutes if you have someone to rebound for you.

We would love to hear how you go with this workout so give it a go then drop us a message on our socials @coach.morley and let us know.

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