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CM Breakfast club

Morning workouts have always been a favourite of mine.

Starting the day off by breaking a sweat and getting some reps in just sets my body and mind up for the rest of the day.

The breakfast club breaks down into 3 key focuses, Activation, Repetition and Competition

Being the first activity of your day means we are going to wake your body up and get it ready to move. Ballance, mobility and control are our key focus in this part of our sessions.

Rep until you can't get it wrong, then do some more. Consistency is what we are aiming for when executing controllable skills, mental efforts and positive attitude.

From shooting drills to 5v5 and everything in between. Competition brings pressure, how you handle that pressure is important, and has to be practised.

CM Breakfast clubs run during term time.

Click here to see what sessions are available

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