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Coach Morley Basketball Skills Camp

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Coach Morley Basketball Camps are designed to be fun, highly engaging, and educational for all athletes involved regardless of skill level.

From warm-up to cool down, rebounding to shooting, yoga to plyometrics, players are introduced to a variety of ways they can be responsible for their own personal development and taking care of their #1 asset, their body.

Camp will run across 3 days at Herb Graham rec center in Mirrabooka.

Monday 18th January - 9 am - 12 noon

Tuesday 19th January - 9 am - 12 noon

Wednesday 20th January - 9 am - 12 noon

To book your spot click here


Coach Morley Skills Camps aim to,

Motivate athletes to enjoy the process of becoming an athlete as well as the game of basketball.

Educate athletes on why it is important to develop a strong body along with the skills to become a better basketball player and athlete.

Integrate the skills and training methods into a real game and the real world.

Due to the structure of the camp athletes of all ages and ability levels can attend and get lots out of the training.

Ball Handling, Shooting Mechanics, Game Scenarios, SAQ, Recovery, and much more.


Coach Morley will be joined by LineSpeed Athletic head coach, Jacob Wentholt, who will be putting players through their paces with a range of Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) exercises across the 3 days of camp.

SAQ training is a vital part of athletic training. especially in basketball.

On every play, the athletes are constantly in motion, stopping, starting, jumping, landing, going left, going right. This constant motion puts a lot of forces through a player's hips, knees, and ankles.

Training within these movements helps build good movement patterns and develop strength through the whole range of movement.


I always feel it is important for players to have something physical to take away at the end of camp, a way to remember the experience, and also the lessons.

Players will receive a workout file with a range of different at-home workouts they can do to take ownership of their own development.

Along with this Eric Paul Goldie and his media team will be in and around the camp getting amazing pictures and videos of everyone. Each athlete will receive a file via Gdrive with their photo highlights, videos can be provided upon request.

Coach Morley training gear is available here, would be great to see some of you wearing them.

Make sure to book your spot for camp today.

I'll see you on the court

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