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Pound Doubles - Basketball Ball Handling Drill

The Pound Doubles progression is a great way to work on your control over the basketball. There are 5 different combinations to work through. When first learning these make sure to focus on the movement, get your feet moving in time with the ball, weight shifting from one side to the other. The speed and power of these moves come once those foundations are set in place. Once the movements are smooth start pushing how fast you can snap the ball back and forth, mess it up, try again. The more you push outside of what's easy, the more you will gain from the Pound Doubles' progress.

Double Cross Over

Double Through The Legs

Double Behind the back

Cross Through

Through Behind

If you have these movements down then you can get moving with them. Try them out into your layups and pull-ups.

Get out on the court and give it a go. The gains are in the details!!!

Coach Morley Basketball


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