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What's on This Summer at Coach Morley Basketball

There are a lot of things going on this summer at Coach Morley Basketball.

Let's have a look at what's going on and how to get involved.


Game Shots only

Game Shots Only is a shooting clinic for players that have already got their fundamentals down and are ready to really work on the next level of shots known as Game Shots.

This involves understanding how to create scoring opportunities when the ball isn't in your hand using off-ball cuts and screens. The Game shots chosen for the clinic are universal shots that are created in all offensive systems, so no matter what coach or team you play for you will gain a lot from this clinic. The Clinics will take place at Hartfield Park Recreation Centre on the 5th and 6th January 2022 between 12 noon and 2 pm. U16's on the 5th and Over 16's on the 6th. Places are limited to 12 players for each session to ensure every player gets as much active on-court time as possible.

To Book, your spot follow the link below



After a fun summer of events in 2020/21, the 3v3OpenRun is back for another fast-paced 3v3 event.

The event takes all the fun of official 3v3 events and gives it more of a park feel with a few twists. This time we are heading across the city to Hartfield Park Rec on the 4th of January for a 2-hour run.

This Event is for players 16yo and above. Come by yourself and build a squad or bring your own squad of 3 and see if you have what it takes to be the last team standing to take home the cash prize. Eric Paul Goldie will be on-site to capture all your epic highlights.


1 on 1 training

Summertime is a great time to really work on your game.

1on1 sessions are fully personalised to each and every player, for beginners we work on building a solid foundation of skills and knowledge, for more advanced players we are fine-tuning to make sure skills are consistent and game-ready with game speed reads.

With multiple time slots available every week all sessions run out of a private backyard court in Doubleview. To check availability click here


Breakfast club

The breakfast club will continue in January 2022 at Lakeside rec centre. During the school holidays, we will run 6:30 am - 8 am.

Breakfast club is a great way to learn new skills all the way through to competitive game situations in a fun supportive environment. Players of all ages are welcome as long as they are willing to listen, learn and work hard. To book your place, check the link below.


But Coach, I want to get involved but I'm not in Perth this summer?

That's ok, all you need to do is head over to the Coach Morley Basketball Youtube channel and check out the free workouts and breakdowns that you can do anywhere in the world. The Thumbnails below will take you straight there. Don't forget to Like and Subscribe to make sure you don't miss any future videos.

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